Looking For Somewhere To Stay In Glendalough?

So, you are planning your visit to the Wicklow Mountains and Glendalough is on the list. The next question of course is, are there any hotels near Glendalough? The answer – sort of.

What do you consider near?

Glendalough is one of the largest upland masses in Ireland and with that comes great difficulty to develop large hotel and accommodation facilities. Instead, the majority of accommodation near Glendalough consists of b& bs, guest houses and hostels. Technically, there is one hotel near Glendalough – in fact, it is next door!

With hundreds of thousands of international guests visiting Glendalough each year, you would be correct in thinking availability is limited and you may be setting yourself up for disappointment expecting to nab the only hotel near Glendalough. Do not worry, as mentioned above there are hundreds of alternative accommodation options available to you and your party.

Visiting Glendalough is a unique experience in which you roll back in time taking in sites such as the Monastic City, ancient ruins and lakes that are hundreds of millions of years old. Rooted in such heritage, do you really want a luxury hotel experience or would you prefer the more traditional Irish welcome? Staying in one of the many b& bs and guest houses in the area shall not disappoint, or break the bank for that matter. If you head over to Booking.com or TripAdvisor you are bound to find some truly unique and wonderful options for your stay. Make sure to read the comments from previous guests and nab a few ideas for your vacation itinerary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so few hotels near Glendalough?

Glendalough is glacial valley best known internationally for its monastic settlement founded that was founded at the turn of the 6th century. In order to keep this area as untouched as possible, there were limited development opportunities close to Glendalough, with many guest houses and b& bs instead popping up within a close distance to the famous tourist area.

How long does it take to get to Glendalough?

Glendalough is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes from Dublin City Centre and about 1 hour from Dun Laoghaire harbour. Although public transport options are available, it is highly recommended to hire a car for the duration of your visit to Glendalough. We have a full post with directions to Glendalough

How many restaurants are near Glendalough?

Glendalough is located beside the village of Laragh. Laragh consists of several local restaurants such as ourselves here at the Wicklow Heather with a couple of local pubs and shops in the area also. If you not intending on dining in Laragh, you will find some fabulous restaurants in Roundwood and Greystones on your return to Dublin.